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Nacho Paredes

Amateur critic and writer

Country: Luxembourg.
Born: 1998.
Languages: Spanish, English, French, German.
Hobbies: Reading, writing critics and stories, drawing and playing instruments.

About myself

My name is José Ignacio (everybody calls me Nacho) and I am a young student residing in Luxembourg. I can be found most of the time studying, doing karaté in evenings, learning and practicing how to draw mangas, and giving guitar lessons.

In my free time, I’m usually at home writing stories (or going forward with my actual novel project), watching series, films or animes (and after finishing, writing critics) or working on other personal projects.

Plus, in my future, I’m looking forward to study cinema and litterature. One day, I’d like to earn my life by my writing and my knowledge about these fantastic medias.

In cinema

I discovered my passion for this media years ago, when I showed interest in reading reviews and watching video-critics. I read a few books about cinema, I researched about how a film must be done (its writing, its soundtrack, …) and from then on, I’m not capable of watching a movie without structuring it.

For me, when I watch a movie, I read a text: I need to be concentrated and to find any (writing) mistake. I value the (good) work of a man and not only what I like or what I don’t like. I always try to differentiate my taste from what’s well made or not. Of course, I love what’s brilliant and meaningful, but sometimes, even if I understand the great importance of a film, I don’t always like it.

For example, I’m a big fan of Batman: I know how bad is “Batman & Robin”, and yet, it’s a movie that I bought in Blu-Ray and that I love, as I watched it many times when I was a kid and I have a special connection with it. In the other hand, I know how brilliant and special is “The Godfather” for everyone, and I recognize it, but I don’t feel emotionally linked to this movie in particular.

I always try to be objective (even if sometimes I can’t), for I think that a good work must be done with effort (even if, of course, there are always some exceptions). Anyway, in the end, I always defend the fact that what really matters is what one feels about a movie and not how good it is.

In general, I like most of genres: war, science-fiction, comedy, drama, noir and, specially, fantasy, animation and thriller cinema. My three favorite movies are “The Dark Knight”, “Inside Out” and, in first position, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

I’ll leave here my profil from Filmaffinity, a (spanish) cinema site where I vote films and write some (usually short) critics:

Oh, and I am a big fan of anime, though my friends tell me that I have only watched three or four.

In videogames

I’m also in love with videogames. My very first was “Warcraft III” when I was four or five years old. My father used to show me games and play with me, specially “Age of Empires II: The Conquerors”. I’ve always played videogames in Playstation 2 and Playstation Portable. When I came to Luxembourg, I got my first Playstation 3 and, years later, I was able to buy a Playstation 4. As you can see, I am not a fan of Xbox or Nintendo; I’ve always played in my PC or in Playstation.

Even if I don’t play a lot (I’m currently playing the new “Assassin’s Creed: Origins” so I can write a critic), I really enjoy when I do. Big part of my childhood has been full of great games that I keep in my heart; among those, I cherish “Dragon Age”, “Warcraft”, “Kingdom Hearts” and, specially, “Final Fantasy”.

I usually play RPG games and not many action games, specially not shooting (even though I really like “The Last of Us”, for example).

In music

I studied musical theory for five years in the Luxembourg conservatory and now I practice my own instruments (piano, guitar, and soon fiddle) at home. I enjoy singing even though I don’t know how to very well; I always try to express something with my guitar and the words, and not with my voice.

I have some experience playing in front of other people as I was invited to do so in some events. I also have some experience teaching guitar (to my friends) and theory.

I’m not a big fan of any gender in particular, but I’m most tempted by rock, country and blues. I like soundtracks and piano music, and a bit of classical. Nevertheless, sometimes I can be listening to Rock & Roll; sometimes, a sad piano song and, sometimes, a Barbie or Pichi Pichi Pitch song. When I listen to a song and I like it, I listen to it again and again.

Even if I can’t tell a particular gender that I love, I can tell which ones I don’t endure: Rap, Hip Hop or Reggaeton. Actual Pop also stinks me.

In litterature

I love reading in the bus. Everyday, I spend over 2 hours in trajects from home to school and from school to home, so I profit of that time to sometimes study and usually read novels.

I love reading fantasy, and a friend of mine is introducing me into science-fiction. Some of my favorite (and current) books are Warcraft (many written by Christie Golden). I read a lot of videogames novels and I’ve liked most of them.

Also, I read french litterature for school. My favorite book ‘till now has been “La bête humaine”, written by Emile Zola. I’ve read recently “Jane Eyre” (Charlotte Brönnte) and “Si c’est un homme” (Primo Levi).

I have the habit of always reading the same book in many languages; I’ve read most of Warcraft books in spanish, english and french, and I’ve recently bought in Amazon the first three in german. That’s why I often appreciate translations.

My favorite book of all time is “Ten Little Niggars” by Agatha Christie. I read this many times when I was a kid and I always felt as shocked as the first time. Still now, I think it has a brilliant writting and a great procedure. I love how the characters develop their relations and also their minds, and how every of them is just imperfect and full of mistakes.